Hassle-Free Collection of Aluminium Metal Scrap in Melbourne

Do you have huge amount of aluminium scrap like aluminium extrusion, pans, wheels, rims, cans, sheets, rolls or swarf?

A1 Wreckers specialises in collection, transportation and recycling of aluminum scrap at highly competitive prices!

We are an Australian owned company purchasing all sort of aluminium scrap which includes aluminium from engineering works, out-of-use machinery, domestic usage and more. We buy scrap from car wreckers, tradesmen and factory owners, followed by immediate payment!

Don’t let the aluminium scrap polluted the landfills – sell it to us and make good money!

With a strong network and availability of the resources, we offer reliable aluminium scrap collection, transportation and recycling services in Australia.

How Aluminium Recycling Helps?

Aluminium is highly recyclable, therefore you can make good money of out aluminium waste. Moreover, aluminium recycling also save a lot of energy and reduces the mining of bauxite ore used for aluminium production across the world and helps in reduction of carbon footprint. Moreover, recycling does not let the aluminium lose its quality.

Please Note: All our scrap metal prices are based on the purity and condition of the scrap metal.

  • Turnings and general swarf
  • Clean, mixed alloy sheet aluminium
  • Clean aluminium lithographic sheets
  • Signage boxes and aluminum copper radiators
  • Aluminium castings,
  • Automotive wheels containing aluminium
  • Cast Aluminium with iron attachments
  • Clean Aluminium cuttings

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