Hassle-Free Collection and Best Prices for Gun Metal Scrap

Gunmetal is a copper-tin cast alloy widely used for its wide range of special properties. It has resistance against stress and stress corrosion cracking.

Gunmetal is used in building valves, screwed/pressed fittings and in the sanitary and heating industry.

Due to gliding and emergency running properties, the metal is also used frequently in drive technology, especially plain bearings. With suitable properties, the gunmetal is a standardised valve and plumbing material in a wide range of industries.

At A1 Wrecker, we specialise in the collection and transportation of gunmetal scrap right from your doorstep – at highly competitive prices!

Do You Need to Discard the Gunmetal Scrap?

We will discard the gunmetal scrap lying in your property quickly and efficiently. Just call us, and we will collect and transport the scrap. We offer competitive price, depending on the purity and condition of the gunmetal scrap.

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