Lead alloys are widely used for its incredible properties like anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and longevity.

However, scrap lead lying on your property could damage the landfill and even affect your health.

Sell Lead Scrap and earn good money!

A1 wrecker is a leading car wrecker and scrap metal dealer in Melbourne.

We collect, sort and transport the scrap lead from your yard to our facility. With advanced technology and a team of trained experts, we recycle lead scrap without contaminating the surrounding landfill, water and air.

Various applications of recycled lead are:

  • Recycled partial hard and hard lead is used in friction parts, bearings, slides, nuts, sockets.
  • Leaded bronze is used for oilless bearings, ring immersed bearing, machine bearings, nuts, bolts, ballpoint pens, chemical industries and bush.

Our range of services ensures you get a fair deal for the lead scrap.

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